GDPR Package, your Saas business path to privacy requirement

Now that all the craze about GDPR has settled down, are you sure that all your bases regarding privacy regulation are covered?
Maybe, you worked hard so you could hand to your customers a DPA to sign off.
Or you just did nothing because all this was way too overwhelming.

You care about your customers.

and you want to offer them a privacy-friendly service by meeting all the requirements listed in the GDPR and other privacy laws, but you’re starting to realize this is going to take a few months.
Publishing an updated privacy policy and a DPA for your customers to sign is only the tip of the iceberg.

Though, there’s no way you gonna read a regulation

You’re busy running your business, won’t read the whole European Regulation —though you should.
You don’t want to spend your energy reading all the documentation and guidelines published by the EDPB to figure out what should be your next move, and where are your risks.
You only want the bits that apply to your activities.
However, more and more people —along with your customers— are demanding that their data be safe with your service and that you take appropriate care of it.
Even if you have a reasonable fair understanding of how to do it, not everyone in your team may know all the ins and outs of privacy.

You don’t necessarily need to appoint a DPO

How about having all this easily accessible?

It would be super convenient to find all this regulation thing neatly broken down into actionable steps, with lessons specific to each position in your team.
And since we’re at it, what about some useful stuff to maintain these necessary documents?
That’s taken care of, also.
Having dissected and explained the GDPR to other Saas businesses like you during these last months, I’ve distilled all this knowledge into live video lessons.
Every topic of the GDPR is broken down into actionable steps so you know exactly how to structure your project to privacy compliance and what you should do next.

Can you avoid concern about not being ready?

Get off your head the concern that you might not be ready should you receive an inquiry from a Data Protection Authority or receive a Data Subject Request.

And maintain your peace of mind that should nasty things comes your way, you’ve taken the appropriate actions to mitigate your exposure.

All you have to do is attend the live lessons and follow the guides, so you don’t miss a necessary step to document your processes.

  • First, for you as the owner of your business.
  • For every position on your team: design, support, marketing, sales…
  • And last but not least, for technical people, because privacy means a lot of adjustments.

Remember: you need to act on what you discovered also. Regulations are not a lesson to read about and forget.
To help you apply what you learned, I’ve put on paper the method I use in my consulting engagement to assist Saas business with their compliance.
So you know what to do next and what are the risks you want to minimize.
In addition to the video lessons, you’ll get a validated method to audit your data, assess your risks and plan your roadmap for the next months.

Also, I’ve added additional resources to the package, to help you navigate the maze of the requirements.

What’s in the package?

1. “GDPR unpacked” live video lesson with Q&A

Because, as a founder, you want to know exactly what’s essential to meet the requirements of the privacy regulation.
The goals of this lesson are:

  1. to understand the core principle of the GDPR and how to identify your risks.
  2. to know what to tackle first to make your customers’ data safe and achieve privacy for them.
  • This is a 1:40 live video lesson so, at the end of it, there is time to ask questions.
  • You get 2 seats to the live lesson, because you may have a co-founder, and I don’t want to shut her off.
  • You’ll also get the recording of the lesson for future reference.

2. Data mapping and inventory method

Spoiler alert: the GDPR wants you to know your data.
To achieve that, the best way is to conduct a data mapping exercise.
You want to obtain a map as accurate as possible of the data you hold, where it goes, who handle it, what you’re using it for.
The goal of this data mapping exercise is:

  1. to know your data,
  2. identify your risks,
  3. and schedule your plan of action

What’s in there:

  • The documented method to conduct your workshop in-house.
  • 3 sheets of nice printables to help you with the setup of the workshop.
  • Templates in Trello for your next 4 to 6 months plan of action

3. Video lessons for your teams

You have a responsibility to train your team on privacy and security.
People who are handling personal data should know what privacy means, what procedure they should follow when dealing with personal data from your customers or your business.
So you can trust that the people on your team will always follow the best practices.
These video lessons are two-fold:

  1. First, the common core of the regulation, because you want that everybody understands what is privacy and what are the core principles.
  2. Then, I’ve created specific video lessons for business activities that are most likely to handle personal data:
    • Support and Customer success
    • Marketing and sales
    • UI/UX privacy by design framework

4. Live video for the technical team + Q&A

Running a Saas application means that you’re shoveling a significant amount of data around. Be it your customers’ or yours.
You want your technical team to be on top of its game regarding security and know, as well, which specific features to implement to maintain accuracy, manage the data lifecycle, meet privacy requirement, etc.

  • This is a 1:40 live video lesson so, at the end of it, there is time to ask questions.
  • You get 2 seats to the live lesson, because you may have more than one core developer
  • You’ll get the recording of the lesson for future reference.
  • You’ll also receive a document with a list of useful articles and videos

5. Your Record of processing activities made easy

The record of processing is a mandatory document when you’re processing personal data as your main activity.
To make it easy for you to gather informations and prepare this document, you’ll get:

  • A questionnaire template for gathering data in each department
  • A method to build your Record of Processing Activies
  • A template for establishing the record (for controller & processor)

6. Private access to resources

You will have access to my private repository of resources I’ve gathered.

Get your Saas business in shape regarding privacy

By attending the lessons and following the methodology, you’ll be well equipped to understand your data, know what your next action should be, where your risks lie, and how to mitigate them.

Your company will be in much better shape to adapt to the next privacy regulation to surface.
In addition, you’ll be well-prepared to face any privacy glitch.

And you as the boss will be able to cross this one item off your list.

This package comes in two versions:

Full package

You get all the lessons and resources described above plus a 60 minutes private consultation call with me.

We will review all the steps you’ve already taken.
I will also point you where your attention needs to be.
Send your questions before our call along with a short screencast— or a set of screengrabs— of your main subscription flow/user flow.
I will record the call, and I’ll send you the video with a brief recap.

Price : $795

Lessons Package

You get all the lessons and resources described above:

  • “GDPR unpacked” live video lesson with Q&A
  • Data mapping and inventory method
  • Video lessons for your teams
  • Live video for the technical team + Q&A
  • Your Record of processing activities made easy
  • Private access to resources

Price: $690

Had great advice from Aleth @pl4n3th on GDPR today. If you run a SaaS business and have GDPR questions then she’s your woman, it’s all she does!

— Stefan Richter, co-founder @membermeister

If the protection of your users’ personal data means a thing to your organization, this package is for you

This package is for your company if you’re struggling to understand the ins and outs of the GDPR.

This package will help you get started with meeting the GDPR requirements without the hassle of going through every documentation and will give you a clear path towards compliance.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to do the work and put the effort into getting your organization to follow the guidelines, allocate resources to your team for that project, this package is not for you.

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