Hello! I’m Aleth Gueguen, an independent consultant on privacy and European regulation.
I help Saas businesses achieve compliance with the EU-GDPR regulation.

Finally, it’s here. Europe passed a privacy regulation, which applies to the whole world.
As a Saas company, you want to show your customers and your partners that you care about the data they give to you, or you don’t want to be caught up in a privacy dispute.

In either case, meeting all the GDPR requirements will need some effort from your teams, and you are busy running your business.
You don’t want to go through all the documentation —you know you should at least read the regulation, but… not done yet —or put an additional burden on your team.
However you still need to figure out where you should start, what are the actions you should take, and witch resource you can rely on.

Sometimes it’s better for your company to bring in someone from the outside.
GDPR compliance is not all legalese and lawyer field.
You want to assess your technical stack and safeguard measures taken to prevent data leak.
You also want to review your marketing activities to make sure you’re aligned with privacy.

An external consultant will help you get a better view of your overall situation.
I will put you on the “road to compliance,” with a clear view and a plan of action for the next months.

Need some help figuring out how where to start?
Schedule a time for us to talk.

How I can help you meet the GDPR requirements:

60-Minute consultation call

Not positively sure that you took care of everything to get ready for GDPR?
We will discuss any question you have.
And I will also point you where your attention needs to be.
Send your questions before our call along with a short screencast— or a set of screengrabs— of your main subscription flow/user flow.
I will record the call, and I’ll send you the video with a brief recap.
As a follow-up, I’ll send one email ten days after our call to answer further questions.

Cost: $265.
Request a consultation call, and I’ll get back with a payment link and further details

“GDPR unpacked”, GDPR training for decision makers

A 1:40 video call with Q&A for your C-suite, up to 5 people.
You’ll get all the mains principles plus the Dos and the Donts for a Saas founder who takes privacy at heart.
After the call, you will receive:

  • the pdf of the presentation
  • A plan of action for the next 4 to 6 months
  • And as a bonus, an infographic to go with your plan of action

Cost: $528

Data Audit. Inventory and mapping of your data flow

To stay on top of your privacy endeavor, you want to have a comprehensive overview of your data, what you’re doing with it, and where does it flow.
To help you with that, we will build a map of all the ways you are handling data.
This will allow you to understand your processes better and estimate where you should focus your efforts.
We will also assess where the risks for your company are regarding GDPR.
We will devise your next moves–a plan of actions– to mitigate your risks and have a proper data policy to meet the GDPR requirements.
This audit is a 3:00 workshop through video call and shared board (stormboard / realtimeboard / mural web app)
You are welcome to record the call.

To make the most of this workshop, you must have taken the “GDPR unpacked” training before.

Cost: $1079
Bundle “GDPR unpacked” and Data Audit workshop: cost: $1360

The GDPR Package

Don’t know where to start? How to structure your project to privacy?
Moreover, you’re not ready to appoint a DPO or hire an external consultant.
This package is for you. It will provide you all the resources you need to understand the GDPR and get started.
The path to privacy requirement for your Saas business

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“We knew we had to start thinking about our compliance with the GDPR.
Aleth was the right person from outside to put us on the right track towards privacy and security.”
— Julien Bouteiller, founder of Dix / Septembre
“We needed an external vision to help us get started with our GDPR compliance project.
I use the reference document that Aleth delivered to us every day.
We know she can take charge of the whole project.”
— Gilles Boenisch, Chief Digital Officer of Simply Move

Need some help figuring out how where to start?
Request a consultation call